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21 Oct 2013

Election Day is Here! Make Sure You Get Out and Vote!

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The Richard Feehan team is excited for election day and wants to make sure you get out to vote at the right voting station. If you need information about where your voting station is located or a ride to your voting station please do not hesitate to call one of the following campaign organizers. 

Michael: (780)554-6442

Kathaleen: (780)288-3099

Thanks for visiting the website!

18 Oct 2013

Letter of Introduction

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Edmonton deserves to be proud of our many festivals, the way we have preserved our river valley, our achievements in medicine, business and sports, and our deserved reputation for volunteerism and civic mindedness. We have built phenomenal centres of arts and culture with the Jubilee Auditorium, the Citadel Theatre, the Winspear Concert Hall and the Art Gallery of Alberta. Our newly revitalized city centre is poised to emerge as a model of what a liveable, walkable urban centre can be.

I’m passionate about this city and about what we have accomplished.  I am even more passionate about what more we can achieve with a truly forward vision.

I envision an evolving, livable city. A place where both the built and natural environments co-exist to provide a sustainable quality of life.  A place where educational opportunity interweaves with culture, recreation and employment to provide a resilient fabric.

I embrace learning to live locally, creating places where it is possible to work, eat and play close to home.  Ward 10 is a fantastic residential community  – great homes in great neighbourhoods. But we don’t have a movie theatre or a stage between Southgate and Century Park.  A number of our schools have been threatened with closure and seniors who want to age in the communities they have lived in for 40 or 50 years find themselves all too often unable to access locally the services they need. We have settled for a bedroom community rather than demanding a fully realized community.

I believe it’s time to change that narrative.  The advantages of living locally are personal and universal – urban sprawl decreases and neighbourhood diversity and safety increase. Local businesses experience better profits and workers have sustainable employment that can’t be shipped overseas. 

Living locally means intentional urban planning that combines the strength of community, as well as the people and businesses that engender it. It’s about high quality design that leverages the activity of the market to create a public life. It’s about aligning land use and mobility to harness the power of nearness.

It’s a shift in thinking.  An emphasis on the processes of everyday living and the role the city plays in creating the structures that invite community.  The models for community living are available and ready to be taken up.  The Elevate report of the community sustainability task force expresses this vision well.

Don’t build a bike lane to take people out of the community – build a place where people want to bike to.  A place where you go to eat, find your first job, and where your pharmacist can both live and work.  A place where you can spend the evening side by side with your neighbours and a place where you can start the company that is going to change the world. 

I want to be part of helping you create this liveable community. My past involvement has always involved creating or sustaining communities of people working together to increase quality of life. Many of you have known me as an Instructor at the Faculty of Social Work, as Vice President of Family Services at Catholic Social Services, and as an independent businessman in private practice.  You may also know that I was program director at the Edmonton Social Planning Council and that I have been a member of a half dozen boards including the Canadian Institute for Family and the Law and the Edmonton Community Adult Learners Association.

Along the way I have learned some things about myself.

I am not afraid of challenge. I am able to make decisions and to gain the buy in of the people affected by those decisions.  I was taught the importance of planning and executing tough choices. I know the importance of consistent values – not ones that blow with the wind, but values that clearly put the lives of families and communities before other interests.  And, most importantly, I know how to work with others collaboratively, regardless of their background or ideology, to achieve shared goals based upon those consistent values.


15 Oct 2013

Interview on CHED’s Tencer and Grose

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Richard spoke to CHED’s hosts Tencer and Grose this morning. He was impressed with the background research they did on his platform and ideas. The interview allowed Richard to discuss issues that are important to Ward 10 with Tencer and Grose. 

Check it out below: 

15 Oct 2013

Disclosure of Financial Contributions

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When you are deciding who you want to cast a ballot for it is important to know how transparent your candidate is, how transparent they will continue to be as a councillor and what influenced them while formulating their policy and making campaign decisions. That is why Richard is honouring a pledge he made in June to release a list of those individuals, businesses, unions and groups that have contributed financially to his campaign. It is a collection of diverse interests and backgrounds which establishes Richard as a candidate that appeals to a variety of people who believe in Richard’s vision and ideas for Ward 10. No candidate is bound by law to release any details of their campaign finances before March 2014, but transparency and accountability are principles that are inherent to Richard and important to our campaign team. Beyond releasing the list of campaign contributions, Richard is making a promise to publicize any expenses made by  his council office while he is a councillor. This is not a common practice, but Richard wants constituents to feel their money is being spent justly. Consider these donations with the endorsements from community leaders to illustrate the diverse network of support Richard has. The release of our donor’s list and the ask a question feature on the website illustrates Richard’s commitment to transparency, openness and dialogue with Ward 10 citizens. 

Donations List For the Richard Feehan’s Campaign:

Donations Ranging From $1000 – $5000

Kevin Feehan
Kay Feehan
Kathaleen Quinn
Braithwaite Boyle LLP 
Fort Nelson Hotel (Alberta) Ltd.
Ted and Leslie Feehan
Laurie Feehan
MaClab Enterprises
Peter Amerongen
Civic Service Union 52
Edmonton District Labour Council
Alberta Federation of Labour

Donations Ranging from $100 – $999

Feehan Law Office
Dr. Ann-Marie Long
Robert Brace
Maureen Collins and Ione Challborn
Mona-Lee Feehan
Winston Gereluk and Judy Lederer
Kerry Wiebe and Sheila Feehan
Diana and Frank White
Thomas and Jean Eid
Ken Wright and Grace Elliot
Christopher and Barbara O’Brien
Trevor Zimmerman
Dave and Manon Fraser
John Walker
Bruce Milne
Duane and Carol Massing
Mary Williams
Erica Bullwinkle
Sandra Alton 
Norma Alton
Doug Roche
Margaret Brown
John O’Callaghan
Carol Hoyt
Elizabeth Maltby
Nancy Rubuliak
Brian Whissell
Dave Romaniuk
Sylvia and Doug Flood
Mel Snihurowych
Lori Sigurdson
Katherine Koch
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 569
Ted Garver
Peter Vogels
Avery Callhoun
Carolyn Stuart 
Catherine Ryan
David Nash
Barry Zalmanowitz Professional Corporation
Bob Comin 
Linda Kreitzer
Linda Hammond

Donations Under $100 
50+ people.


10 Oct 2013

Ward 10 City-Sponsered Candidate Forum

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For those of you who could not attend the city-sponsered forum on Tuesday October 8th, 2013,  I have included the video bellow with notes as to when Richard is talking about a specific issue. We encourage you of course to listen to all of the candidates responses, but many website visitors are curious to know more about Richard’s stance on issues such as bike lanes which will be catalogued by time bellow.

Richard’s Passionate Introduction from 11:00-17:50

Question #1 (30:00): My question is related to school surplus sites. I know that the city has long-range plans to develop these sites and some of these sites have been sitting in the communities for more than 10 years. So obviously some of the communities are very concerned as to what will go into those sites. So I would like to find out from the candidates how they will approach the development of these sites and also deal with the issues these communities may have?
Richard Answer: 31:45-33:15

Question #2 (35:00) : What specifically will you do to ensure my tax dollars do not go towards funding the downtown arena? 
Richard’s Answer: 36:00- 37:30

Question #3 (42:15): How do stand on the use of P3s to finance city infrastructure and why do you take such a stand?
Richard’s Answer:  45:45-47:00

Question #4 (47:00-48:00): It appears that our future council will be fairly homogenous concerning gender (i.e. primarily male) consequently what will you do as a councillor to ensure gender parity on council is eventually achieved? 
Richard Answer: 50:20-51:50

Question #5 (53:00): Please outline your strategy regarding bike lanes? How do you see this infrastructure developing?
Richard’s Answer: 54:20-55:30

Question #6 (57:50): Will you make the severe sewer and drainage flooding problem in Westbroke, Aspen Gardens and Royal Gardens a priority?
Richard’s Answer: 58:08-59:35

Question #7 (1:03:15): I would like to speak about traffic. The prime concern is always vehicle traffic. Now you’re focusing on bike traffic, however there is very little focus on pedestrian traffic. And as we know everybody is saying you have to keep fit to stay alive and healthy. I would like to bring to your attention century place. There are approximately 92 businesses and the lights at 111, 110 and 109th street do not automatically turn green. I am a senior and a good portion of the people that live in that area are seniors. We can not run for that light. I have written former councillors. I have written the city. They can not afford pedestrians 43 seconds to cross the street for the fear of disrupting traffic. One answer was that I should enter the businesses from behind. What kind of answer is that? What solutions do you have for pedestrian traffic in an area such as Century Place?
Richard’s Answer: (1:08:13-1:09:42) 

Question #8 (1:09:52): Ward 10 is made up of entirely established neighbourhoods. Please tell us about any work you have done in the community advocating for our older established neighbourhoods?
Richard’s Answer: (1:13:15-1:14:40)

Question #9: (1:16:16) Historically, City Council has done a notoriously poor job of funding and supporting the Edmonton Public Library. Libraries still lend books, but they do much more. They provide free programming, put on events, provide resources for local business community, and provide outreach services for the homeless and addicted. Just as important Edmonton Public Library branches have become community hubs that help define what it means to be a Edmontionian. I am happy to say that the most recent City Council has been a great supporter of the library and so my question is if elected how will you support the Edmonton Public Library? 
Richard’s Answer: (1:18:15-1:19:40)

Question #10 (1:21:55): I have changed my question because of what’s been going on. A number of times tonight I have heard the word listen. Also, as I have been door-knocking I have heard the concern about not being listened to. What will you as a person representing Ward 10 do to make the process and the rules listened so that people are going to public hearings and when they are asking the stakeholders to have input it is more than just saying we have bright or dull lights on the bridge. Basically, what are you going to do when you are elected to make sure that the people know they are being heard and that the rules that are in existence are followed?
Richard’s Answer: (1:22:55-1:24:08)

Richard’s Thanks and Closing Statement: (1:31:15-1:32:20)

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    • Question:

      Crossing the lrt on 111 for either left turns or crossing is a guessing game. The lights linked to LRT may allow a crossing or not. May allow left turns or cross traffic or simply reset. 4 or possibly 5 vehicles can cross at Whitemud during rush hour on a dry pavement day. Now 40th has been reduced permanently to 1 lane. How can I get to work or trust an ambulance will get a timely crossing with the current “control” pattern. How can a better balance for driving Taxpayers be worked out…. The LRT does not go where I work.
      — Submitted by Bill
    • Bill

      Your frustration is shared by a large number of people in ward 10.  I have discussed the LRT crossings with a member of the city administration and have already expressed my intention to have the LRT light timing changed as an early priority.  Of course this problem has been further heightened by the presence of bike lanes which clearly need to be re-examined.  You may note my policy on bike lanes has always been to separate them from the road and not put them on the road.


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